College is an experience, wait your turn!

Many college athletes are upset because they have not gotten paid for their hard work. A lot of athletes only do 1 year of college (because there is a rule that prohibits high school athletes to jump straight to professional sports) and leave the school. While those players rush the process, many non-athlete students yearn the right to live that college life. The table below shows us the average cost of tuition for the last 2 years

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This table shows us that the average a non-athlete student who does not have a full-ride scholarship can pay on average 45k to have that college experience. While college athletes complain of how they do not get paid, they should be grateful they are not paying the colleges and Universities thousands of dollars or be in debt after they leave. The college experience for an athlete can include: having everything paid for during their time in college, leaving the college with no debt, having the chance to leave with at least a bachelor’s degree in your field of choice, and what is not emphasized enough, having that college experience to prepare you for the real world. College athletes must make the most out of their time while playing sports as it is an experience that cannot be relived.

John Urschel, now a Baltimore Ravens football player, is a perfect example of trusting the imagesprocess and making the most out of your time in college. Urschel graduated Penn state with both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Mathematics. While he currently plays professional football and earned a millionaire rookie contract, he spends his offseason pursuing a Ph. D in mathematics as well. Urschel spent 5 years at Penn state! While he received no income during that time, he made the best out of his situation and now he is one of the most polarizing professional figures in our time. Let’s take Urschel’s example and educate our college athletes of how not getting paid during college may not be the worst thing in life…




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