We of comm39830 would like to thank you for taking the time to read our arguments presented on our blog against the payment of college athletes. Over the past month we have presented you with an array of arguments against paying college athletes and refuted the common arguments for the case. We still stand firmly against these athletes receiving payment as we truly believe that because athletes already have access to an abundance of ‘freebies’ and opportunities and often have their tuition fees paid, they are being compensated enough for their sporting endeavours. College is a pathway to both an academic future, and a sporting one and the four years allows for the college athletes to develop both on and off the field in preparation for their future.

With the end of the regular football season approaching, and the playoffs just around the corner, and the basketball regular season starting up again, this topic will again be on many peoples minds. Only 1.6% of NCAA footballers and 1.1% of NCAA basketball players make it professionally (to the NFL or NBA) so we strongly argue that these athletes receiving this free college degree to fall back on is payment enough considering that very few of these athletes actually make it professionally. Whether you agree with our views or not, we hope we have challenged your opinions on the matter and that you have considered the arguments we have put forward. Year on year the debate will continue to rise up and we hope we have informed you for reasons against the payment student athletes. Thank you again for engaging with our blog and to keep up to date with any NCAA payment changes keep checking their website!

Signing off,

Brayan, Cait, Emma, Gabby, and Hauwa



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