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Hello everyone! First, I’d like to introduce myself, My name is Brayan Perez. I am a senior from UMD and majoring in Communications. I transferred from Wharton County Junior College 2 years ago from Texas so just like Hauwa, I saw a bit of the out-of-state tuition as well. To cover for my expenses, I have always worked full-time as well as go to school full-time. As I am getting ready to graduate, I wanted to tackle a topic that is currently being debated everywhere in the U.S.; Should student athletes be paid? Personally, I do not believe so, I believe the full ride and the fact that a professional career can be pursued is more then enough to compensate the student athlete. As we move forward, this site will definitely cover this heavily issued topic both for and against paying the student athlete. Enjoy!

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Hi! I’m Caitlin Smith and I am a junior from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am currently majoring in communication and minoring in business at the University of Maryland. I have always loved sports and have played on a variety of teams for as long as I can remember. I also love to follow UMD’s sports teams, which has made me especially interested in the world of college athletes, their benefits, and their adversities. The debate over whether or not student athletes should be paid has been a controversial topic over the years. This particular subject is something I have been very conflicted about. However, I believe athletes should not be paid in college. These students are given an unbelievable experience and choose to devote their time to the sport of their choice. Ultimately, I believe paying student athletes will cause athletes to play to get paid and not for the pure love of the game.



Hello! I’m Emma, a junior from Oxford, England. I’m currently majoring in American Studies but intend to move into the Communications program next semester. I’m on the track and field team at UMD, on a full athletic scholarship for throwing the hammer. The NCAA offers a very high level of competition and opportunity, which, without a scholarship I would not have access to. The concept of athletes being paid on top of their scholarship is definitely a controversial conversation among student athletes.

I personally do not think that student athletes should be paid. The opportunity to compete at a high level, and leave college with a degree and without a massive student loan to repay I think is enough. I also transferred into UMD from a small Division 1 school where, if  student athletes were paid, the smaller athletic programs, like track and field would most likely not be funded.



Hey! My name is Gabby Love and I’m a Junior at UMD from Long Island, New York. Just like Caitlin, I am a Communication major with a minor in Business. Although I have not played sports since I was in my early years of high school, I enjoy watching college sports on television and am interested in researching further the conflict surrounding student athletes receiving salaries.