John Oliver Weighs In

John Oliver from Last Week Tonight gives a humorous take on why student athletes should be paid. What do you think?


Privilege or Extortion? NFL Player Thinks Worse…

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 2.11.49 PM.pngCurrent Seahawks NFL player Michael Bennett has a bit of a different opinion when it comes to college athletes being paid or not. While he is one of the most opinionated starts of the league, he points out in an ESPN interview¬†“Hell yeah college players should get paid. [The] NCAA gets paid. [The] Rose Bowl gets paid. Everybody gets paid except the people making the product. In some countries, they call that slavery.” He points out that the NCAA and Universities are making more than enough money and the scholarships are only a fraction of what is brought in as revenue from the NCAA players. While it is a great opportunity to play a sport that the athletes love, they are also risking their bodies on a line every time they step out onto the field. Football may be the most popular of all the sports, it is not the only one. There are 23 sports among the NCAA across three divisions and while they do receive housing, food, clothes, and tuition, The university in return receives profit, recognition, and sponsors. The better a team does, the more a university gets in return. But what happens if a athlete fails at the sport and he is injured for the remainder of their life? There is no injury insurance that professional athletes get, making the point that it is a very serious concern.

While the scholarships provide many opportunities to the athlete, it also severely limits them from making money on the side. An athlete under scholarship cannot receive any money from sponsors or deals. Anything that would break that rule would can void the scholarship that was earned by the athlete. Since the athlete is training and going to school full-time, it leaves no time for the person to work outside, no work can mean no money for that person. What are they supposed to do if they have no money and the athlete’s family cannot send him money? Take a loan out? An unfair solution it seems…

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